Benefits of Meditation

What is meditation?
Meditation is a chance to know the "see-er"- know thyself.

Meditation actually has the potential to make a person happy.

When scientists at the University of Wisconsin scanned the brains of practicing Buddhists, they discovered that the part of the brain associated with happiness showed much more activity in regular meditators, than in a control group of people who didn't practice meditation-on a regular basis.

Meditation is simply consciously directing your attention in order to transcend the never-ending flow of thoughts through your mind.

Meditation can be accomplished by many methods. You seem to "move inside yourself" at the same time you "step outside yourself." Being able to meditate takes you out of the stranglehold of the ego. Your perspective widens, and you begin reassess what is important and what is not.
Miraculously, answers to problems start to materialize, as you tap
into your own inner guidance

  • Recieve the gift of peaceful living through meditation
  • Learn to Manage Stress
  • Change your lifestyle to one of health and optimum performance.
  • Learn how to release negativity and emotional energy

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Guided meditation can be a very powerful tool

As part of Angel Health's effort to Empower You to Take Control of Your Health, we also offer Guided Meditation CD's

Each CD is Specifically designed to help a single aspect of your life and is Narrated by our very own Marti Angel.

Meditation Walkthrough CDs

Meditation For Healing
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Chakra Meditation
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Chakra Meditación - Español
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